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A large number of consumers actively seek a reliable and consistent supplier for their desired goods. The key distinguishing factor among leading distributors lies in their effective sourcing activity. At Evicor, we not only provide clients with a wide range of products, but also guarantee high-quality goods and on-time delivery. These capabilities are a direct result of our professional sourcing campaign. With over 20 refinery organizations in cooperation, Evicor is able to meet consumers’ requirements and needs comprehensively. Our trading operations are made possible by our sourcing campaign and the professional approach of our team. Clients can confidently rely on us for:
Our sourcing service involves collaborating with a well-established network of suppliers, carefully selecting only the best providers of LPG products, chemicals, base oils, metals, and other items in our portfolio. We have developed a customized direct supply chain that eliminates intermediates. Purchasers can place their trust in Evicor as a reputable partner with a transparent concept of cooperation, a wide range of efficient services, and a commitment to resolving consumer cases in a risk-free manner.