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Motor Fuels

Motor Fuels

Motor fuels are primarily used to propel different types of vehicles, to heat buildings, and to produce electricity. Motor fuels are most commonly derived from petroleum, which is processed in oil refineries.

The most popular motor fuels are gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, gasoil and diesel, heating oil, and marine fuels.

Evicor AG supplies gasoline with RON 76, RON 80, RON 92, RON 95, RON 98, and RON 100, which is used to power cars, motorcycles, small aircraft, boats, portable generators, and other equipment.

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Our chemical supplier company offers kerosene and jet fuel, which are in demand in the aviation industry, and a variety of gasoil and diesel (EN 590 with sulphur content ranging from 0.6% to less than 10ppm). Gasoil and diesel oil are used in vehicles equipped with diesel engines, such as trucks, buses, trains, boats, farming machines, or electricity generators.

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We are also a base oil suppliers, and supply residual fuels such as light and heavy heating oil, which are used in boilers and furnaces for heating purposes, as well as fuel oil, which is an essential material in the power generation and bunker industries.

Evicor AG exports other petroleum cuts such as light and heavy naphtha, which is widely used as a raw material for the petrochemical industry, or light and heavy vacuum gas oil (VGO), which is an intermediate feedstock to increase gasoline and diesel production in refineries with higher conversion rates.