The main aspect of the Evicor supply activity is the set of the logistics solutions. The tailor-made solving the tasks of the cargo delivering and in-time goods transportation are the key point of the Evicor company as the leading European supplier of the petroleum, chemical items, metals and other products.

The end users could feel themselves the advantages of the cooperation with our company – the orders are delivered fast and unhurt. As the evidence of the Evicor status of the most reliable supplier, there is the list of more than 17 countries that collaborate with the company. There are both the individual entrepreneurs and the huge industrial companies among the partners of European supplier of the high grade LPG, metal and other goods.

The most efficient logistics solutions are based on the complex of the different aspects taken into account, precisely:

  • The cooperation with more than 20 refinery organizations in order to find the optimal source of the raw materials of the consumers’ industry;
  • The different transportation units – including flexitanks, railtanks, bulks and other kinds of shipment;
  • The optimized supply chain and risks-free form of the cooperation with the high level of the client-orientation.

The Evicor company assures the clients with the absolute cargo safety and in-time delivery at the same time. The wide range of the containerized transportation items allows moving even the most fragile cargo from one side of the world to another in a short span of time and with the safety guaranty.

Each user is able to count on the Evicor professional approach to his order and stay satisfied with result. It is the explanation of the big number of Evicor constant clients that fully realized themselves the accountability of the company in all aspects of the supply and logistics activity.