Evicor AG has a varied portfolio of products and services available. Alongside with fuels and petrochemicals we are trading non-ferrous metals. Material demands of growing world population continue to increase the demand for non-ferrous metals. This market is huge and demandable as long as metals are widely used in industry, construction and other sectors. We partner with big and small companies in EU and other markets. Evicor offers variety of high-grade non-ferrous metals to meet all the customers’ needs and requirements.

We offer special purpose metals produced at the metallurgical plants which are using a wide variety of base metals. Our metals are used in production of alloys, in casting, welding and other processes. Metals can be purchased in the form of flat sheets, rings, wire rope and thread, slabs, cylinders, and other shapes. Guided by the customers’ requirements, Evicor metals possess the key characteristics, namely:

  • heat resistance;
  • strength;
  • flexibility (when required);
  • cost-efficiency.

We are trading:

  • non-ferrous;
  • minor metals;
  • precious metals;
  • as well as concentrates for production;

Evicor guarantees individual approach to every client and high quality materials. The metals presented in our portfolio are widely used in the different spheres of economy – the customers apply our metals for commercial, industrial, engineering, agricultural and other purposes.

Evicor AG is the company, which satisfies the very exceptional needs of its partners in more than 17 countries.  The cooperation with Evicor means efficiency and professionalism due to effective logistics solutions and big number of producers sourcing their materials.