Evicor AG is a supplier of high-grade liquefied petroleum gas for different applications. The main advantage of LPG is its environmental safety compared to gasoline or other petroleum fuels. That’s why LPG becomes more and more popular as the main feedstock for industrial purposes.

Evicor supplies LPG to different countries and guarantees required standards to its customers. Our portfolio includes a wide range of LPG products which can be used as motor fuel, for heating or industrial purposes. We supply:

  • propane (C3);
  • butane (C4);
  • n-butane (nC4);
  • isobutane (iC4);
  • pentane fraction;
  • butadiene fraction (crude C4);
  • propylene;
  • propylene fraction.

All gases comply with strict quality requirements.

Evicor is a reliable partner in deliveries of required LPG mixes for industry which are used in:

  • Production cicles;
  • Heating;
  • Farming;

Evicor is a supplier offering efficient chain and logistics solutions allowing on-time delivery and satisfaction of all customers’ needs in full scope. Cooperation with our company is a reliable partnership based on our long experience, individual approach. Evicor combines the best products from highly reputable refineries, customized logistics and on-time delivery. All these factors prove Evicor to be the most reliable partner on the contemporary LPG market worldwide.