The Evicor company is the leading supplier of the petroleum and chemical products, lubricants, base oils and other goods. The 16 years of experience of professional activity turned the European trading organization into the most reliable partner for numerous enterprises from more than 17 countries. Due to the tailor-made logistics and supply chain solutions, Evicor is considered as the trader with the most efficient and safe concept of cooperation.

The wide range of products presented in portfolio of the company is available for the consumers worldwide. The trading campaign will be not possible without 20 refinery organizations which provide different items of high quality, precisely:

  • LPG: propane (C3), butane (C4), n-butane, isobutane, pentane fraction, butadiene fraction (crude C4), propylene, propylene fraction.
  • Lubricants & Base Oils: groups 1-4, PAO-s, naphthenic, rubber process oils and other products.
  • Fuels: Gasoline, Gasoil, Heavy Fuel oil.
  • Chemical Products: Aromatics, Sulphur.

The trading campaign includes the distributive service that is in the high request among the Evicor partners and end users. The clients get the high grade goods for different applications in the short period of time. The consumers stay satisfied with the cooperation and become the constant purchasers of the petroleum, products, metals and other items. The complex of the efficient solutions and the individual approach allow to Evicor having the status the international trader and distributor of the industrial and commercial goods worldwide.